Can I boost my immune system with exercise?

Exercise has health benefits, and it is proven to reduce cardiovascular to mood improvement, besides a stronger immune system. There are several theories promoting immunity that knowing boosting immunity with exercises or not is essential.

What is the immune system, and how exercises help?

A collection of white blood cells in millions in the immune system is made within the bone marrow, and it protects from threats such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Exercising increases the white blood cells in different types of production, and one such is the macrophage. The macrophages destroy harmful viruses and bacteria as they travel in the body. It is important during stressful times as without performing exercises, it leads to a weak immune system.

Other benefits of exercise to your immune system:

  • It improves sleep quality and aids recovery.
  • Body temperature is elevated during exercise, and it fights infection
  • Increases bone density, while getting osteoporosis is ruled out

Immunity boosting exercises

Strength training

Strength training and weightlifting push your body such that you cannot push it naturally. Thus, it increases throughout the body the blood flow and relieves stress. The strength training intensity is effective on the immune system.

HIIT-High-Intensity Interval Training

HIIT is best training exercise done a few times every week. Moderation is the key to vigorous exercises. HIIT is high-intensity exercise, and excessive exercise may backfire on your immune system.


Taking short walks after lunch break keeps immunity functioning. People walking for 30 to 45 minutes a day are certainly better and less sick than people who do not walk. A brisk walk for at least 30 minutes five times each week is sure to shower benefits.

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Rebounding is an exercise type that requires jumping on a mini-trampoline. It is fun and also the best workout as it drains the lymphatic system. Rebounding is an exercise of low impact and is ideal for anyone to switch from routine exercise. It is an easy activity and a great indoor exercise that increases your heart rate in the coming cooler months.

The bottom line

Making several dietary and lifestyle changes strengthen the immune system. It includes reducing sugar intake, regularly working out, staying hydrated, managing stress levels, and getting enough sleep. These are good to promote immunity and reinforce defenses from harmful pathogens.

Regular exercises in combination with Vitamin C supplements, a healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, and adequate sleep improves your body’s immune response. It detoxes the lymphatic system, releases endorphins, and boosts your mood to brighten your day.