How yoga can help you decrease stress and anxiety

Yoga is an antidote to stress and anxiety. It combines exercises, stress-reducing techniques, controlling breathing, clearing the mind, and relaxing the body. Yoga is popular as people are realizing its benefits with practice. A yoga routine can make a difference. Know here how yoga can help you decrease stress and anxiety.

Yoga has many forms, styles, and intensities. In particular, Hatha yoga is the right stress management choice. It is the common yoga style, and beginners find the movements easy and like the slower pace. The yoga core components are:

  • Poses- These are the yoga postures that include a series of movements. It increases flexibility and strength, ranging from simple to tough poses. It has simple poses as lying on the floor as relaxation to difficult poses of stretching the physical limits of each person.
  • Breathing- An important yoga part is controlling breathing. Yoga teaches to control breathing, and it assists to quiet your mind and control your body.
  • Relaxation or meditation- Incorporating relaxation or meditation in yoga helps to be mindful, and without judgment, you stay in the present moment.

What are the yoga practices to decrease stress and anxiety?

Hatha yoga is a yoga posture. Hatha yoga is in different types including, force stretching to slow exercises. Some are more workout types, while some are fast. To relieve stress, pick the yoga style meeting your personality and physical fitness. Exercises help relieve stress, release endorphins, making you feel better. When stressed, your body stores tension and give a closed feel, causing pain. Yoga releases tension on stretching from the problem areas such as the shoulders and hips.
Clearing Mind
The mind never stays quiet. It keeps racing between thoughts, spinning future scenarios, dwelling on past incidents, and so on that, it becomes stressful and tiring. Yoga offers techniques to clear your mind and tame the mind. Breathwork allows you to focus on inhaling and exhale that your mind stays clear. The yoga poses performance, or even the asanas work as a meditation form. The poses of yoga performed with concentration keep your brain stay clear.

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Breath Control
Breathwork or Pranayama is a crucial yoga practice. Breathing is an involuntary action, but you can regulate the breath. Take deep breaths, and you will notice it is a quick way of combating stressful situations.

Yoga sessions end with relaxing in savasana, the corpse pose for five to ten minutes. This enforced relaxation serves the complete release of mind and body. The corpse pose transitions give a fresh feel when a person is back into work and becomes fit to combat stress all day. It is a practice offering a relaxation period and a way to meditate, working as a great stress reducer.