Top 5 resistance band workouts for a strong butt

Resistance bands are ideal tools as a toning arsenal. They are not expensive and suit even the starters as they are portable. These resistance bands are more functional and joint-friendly than the free weights. Get these bands in a circle or as a long strip to fit around your ankles or thighs. Here are 5 resistance band workouts ensuring a firm butt by pinpointing the backside muscles.

Deep Squat
The next level squat means adding a resistance band. The need for your glutes to work hard ensures the knees stay firm against the band. Try goblet squat such that you hold the dumbbell in front at chest height vertically or as a banded bodyweight squat.

How to do:

  • Stand keeping feet shoulder apart, and the band is placed around thighs above knees.
  • Lower to the ground, push hips back and tough thighs to the ground.
  • Stand back and start. Do 15 reps of 3 sets.

Single-Leg Deadlift
If you want your posterior chain to be perfect, do deadlifts. It works on the glutes, back, and hamstrings. The single-leg version challenges balance and strengthens core muscles.

How to do:

  • Place a band under your right foot and hold in your right hand.
  • Split stance, keeping right foot front and left foot behind.
  • Keep back straight and bend right side knee slightly and hinge forward.
  • Lower your hand to reach mid-calf.
  • Stand and start again. Do 10 reps and try on the other foot.

Banded Side Step
It is the best for hips as band exercises, an ideal way to work hard to reduce your backside.

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How to do: 

  • Stand with feet apart and band around ankles.
  • Hold a dumbbell in front of you at chest heights
  • Lower into a squat, stay low, take to the right one step and get back, then take one step to the left and back as one rep.
  • Do 20 reps of 3 sets.

Curtsy Lunge
Curtsy lunge works on your hip abductors, glutes, and core.

How to do: 

  • Stand with feet apart and band around thighs.
  • Keep your left foot behind the right, lower your right thigh parallel to the floor.
  • Return to standing position. Do 10 reps and do the same on the opposite side.

Butt Kick Back
Butt kickback targets your butt, and also your hamstrings are into action.

How to do: 

  • Start with a band around the right hand and bottom in your right foot.
  • Extend right foot, keeping band straight and lower for 1 rep.
  • Do 10 reps and repeat the same on the opposite side.