Do you believe a weighted Eye Mask can Reduce Migraines?

Is it weighted eye masks? Yes, you heard the buzz right. The trend of using weighted eye masks is high, as the belief is it helps reducing migraines? Know here how a weighted eye mask can help you with migraines.

The weighted eye masks are said it eases tension headaches, promote relaxation, and cure insomnia and migraines. People high in stress and short on sleep may consider weighted sleep masks. It promises to ease anxiety and stress, provides relief, and promotes better sleep.

How Do Weighted Eye Masks Promote Sleep?

The foremost benefit is to block the light. The weighted eye masks cut light exposure, and this is the first step to support the circadian rhythm in your body that supports sleep. The melatonin-producing hormone in dim light situations keeps you awake. While wearing weighted eye masks, there is the benefit of deep touch pressure or deep pressure stimulation. It decreases the body’s activity to fight stress response.

Deep pressure activates the parasympathetic nervous system. Thus, it lowers blood pressure and heart rate, increasing calm and relaxation feelings. The weighted eye mask adds grounding, an overall feeling reducing anxiety, and this helps people suffering from insomnia or short sleep time.

How Can Weighted Mask Help with Headaches and Migraines?

People suffering from headaches and migraines take desperate measures, and the stress gets doubled. They also include massage, medication, magnesium supplements, acupuncture, and lots more.

The weighted eye mask or sleep mask claims to reduce headache, sinus pain, and migraine. Adding it relaxes your forehead, face, and eye muscles, giving great relief. The weighted eye mask is stuffed with natural flaxseeds, microbeads, or sand. It claims to provide gentle pressure by sending to your brain signals to relax. It also helps in blocking out lights that hinder your sleep.

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Light sleepers suffering from migraines and headaches can experience a weighted eye mask and notice the difference. The weighted mask compression due to weight helps in relieving migraines and headaches.

Be mindful:

  • Turn off electronic gadgets
  • Avoid migraine triggers
  • Say no to eating very close to bedtime
  • Manage fluids and your diet
  • Create a proper sleep environment
  • Practice relaxation

A weighted eye mask is beneficial to your health and is also wallet-friendly as it is cheaper than other sleep aids. The weighted eye mask is the easier alternative as a medication to switch over, yet you may consult your physician.