How to keep your athletes foot in check

The heart requires a lot of care, and so do your feet, as well. They are your body workhorses. Your feet bear the entire weight of your body in each step. Besides, we cram the feet for long periods into shoes, especially athletes. Your hard-working feet require attention.

Tips to keep athletes feet in check

Scrub dead skin away

Remove dead skin if you find any attack settling in your feet. Fungi house easily on athlete’s foot and it re-infects. Work lightly on the foot and give a vigorous scrub to your feet using a bristle brush. Check the spaces between toes and pay attention to wash the skin bits away so that nothing sticks to other body parts to cause infection.

Choose appropriate shoes and socks

Do not wear plastic footwear and shoes, even if it is waterproof treated. It will trap sweat and create a moist spot for the growth of the fungus. Look for leather and cotton, the natural materials to provide your feet the best environment. Even avoid rubber and wool as it holds moisture and induces sweating.

Change shoes

Avoid wearing the same shoes. It takes 24 hours at least for shoes to dry thoroughly. If you notice heavy sweating of your feet change shoes.

Powder toes

It is a must to have feet dry. Let it dry after a shower, and then put on the shoes and socks. Eliminating anything dark and moist is the best. Hold a hairdryer for speed drying, but ensure your foot and toes are away from the hairdryer. Once it is dry, apply powder.

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Avoid Infection

Avoiding an athlete’s foot means wearing flip-flops into the locker or shower room. You can make use of shower shoes. Apply soap to your feet with the shower shoes on, and bath. Dry your feet well between toes. Germs love the locker and shower rooms as they are moist and warm environments. People visiting this place may be carriers of skin infections, and it is the place you may catch the symptom.

Precaution is important. A shower is a defense against infection. Thus, to reduce catching something, use your anti-bacterial soap, razor, and shampoo. Put clean socks when your foot is dry. The athlete’s foot is not something to worry about. You should be highly careful if you have a weakened immune system.

The key is to stay clean, dry yourself and your feet carefully, put on clean clothes. Ensure the dressings are fresh to any scrapes or cuts.