How yoga can help you relieve joint pain

Yoga is a combination of meditation and breathing with physical postures, sequence, poses, and pace. It varies, yet to maintain alignment and posture, emphasizing on building muscles relieves joint pain. The arthritis symptoms reduce on practicing yoga regularly and offer tension-relief.

Common yoga types:

  • Hatha yoga is prominent in the west and the US. It is an umbrella term describing the yoga types. However, bear in mind that practicing yoga as a beginner means you should look for an experienced instructor. Take some time to research and find the details.
  • Iyengar yoga is a yoga type for arthritis people that limit mobility due to joint pain. People who are unable to bend can place on the floor a foam block and reach for it. Iyengar yoga prioritizes precise movements and body alignment. This yoga type is most researched, and studies claim it reduces joint pains and arthritis symptoms.
  • Bikram and Hot yoga also are helpful for the flexibility of joints. The heat softens tissues and makes themt flexible to bend without any discomfort. Hot yoga classes are done in rooms with 90 degrees. Bikram yoga is done in a room with 105- degrees. Bikram yoga relieves joint pain as it does not ask you to go on plank poses or downward dog poses. These classes are at a slow pace, and the temperature is strenuous. So it is acceptable for experienced yogis and beginners to lie down on their mats, taking a break as rest during class hours.
  • Yin Yoga- Breathing and stretching in yoga are the focal points. The stretching poses for beginners maybe for 2 minutes and slowly increased for 45 seconds. However, holding poses for a longer time gives a good feel to stretch muscles and tissues without causing stress on joints. Yin Yoga is done at a slow pace and offers a relaxing experience. It is the same as meditation and is good to eliminate chronic arthritis by reducing anxiety, muscle tension, and stress.
  • Vinyasa Yoga- This yoga type matches breath and movement with poses. Certain poses need partial weight on the wrist and hands, while some involve lunging. Vinyasa yoga is a yoga type known as Ashtanga yoga. These are the athletic yoga types and are known as power yoga types. The yoga classes are the best to maintain and build muscle, supporting joints, and relieve joint pain.
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