How you can calm your anxiety at night

Anxiety keeps people up at night. Anxiety at night is a problem relating to anxiety disorders. Such people experience uneasiness, apprehension, and worry. Nighttime anxiety keeps you awake, and it increases due to lack of sleep.

Why does anxiety at night time increase?
Anxiety increases for some people at night. As the lights switch off and everything is quiet, there is more room for worry and less distraction. It is time you start thinking about finances, careers, or relationships. It disturbs your sleep and hinders the next day’s functions.

The reasons for nighttime anxiety are:

  • Recent trauma or post-trauma stress
  • Fear or worry about the following day
  • Drinking caffeine much, at daytime and bedtime
  • Medical conditions
  • Health anxiety, pains, and aches, disturbing sleep

No matter, what the reason is, anxiety-causing in the evenings is bothersome. It takes away your energy, free time and contributes to hindrance to sleep. Sleep deprivation impacts your life quality, functionality, and overall health. Lack of sleep triggers nighttime anxiety and becomes a vicious cycle. The anxiety of nighttime is panic attacks that keep you awake and leave you tired the next day.

How to pacify night anxiety?
Firstly, identify the reason for anxiety and combat it with positivity. If you find anxious thinking is gripping you, clear your mind and substantiate it with positive thoughts. Understand what is causing anxiety. If they relate to future concerns, they are unwanted negative anxiety concerns. Soothe yourself; visualize positive events in your life. It will increase positivity. Here are a few tips to calm your nighttime anxiety.

  • Accept uncertainties – Anxiety is a problem keeping you awake at night. Say in your mind loudly, ‘I accept uncertainties,’ and will take action when possible. It will release the tension blocking your mind.
  • Put it on paper- Before lying on your bed, take a piece of paper; write your clingy thoughts and go to sleep.
  • Read- Reading is a good way of distracting from anxious thoughts, and it will quiet your mind. Read a book and not on your phone.
  • Keep bedroom dark- Put the lights off and ascertain your bedroom is comfortable, cool, and dark. Nothing should disrupt melatonin production to hinder your sleep.
  • Strict bedtime- follow a strict bedtime. Your body will set into a routine, and your muscles will relax. Even if anxious thoughts arise, just say to yourself, you will resolve themlater. Avoid talking to stressful people and do not make decisions at night.
  • Mindfulness- Practicing mindfulness takes away the worry. Live this moment. Stay fully aware and enjoy your life. Practice meditation, a simple effort to beat your anxiety.
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