Is it Acceptable to shake hands after receiving the Covid vaccination?

People vaccinated for Covid 19 are increasing with each passing day. The hope is to get back to normalcy and pre-pandemic activities. It is clear that Covid 19 has caused restrictions on planting a kiss or shaking hands, yet there are complications.

There is a need to limit physical contact as a precaution. Especially, the handshake that is a greeting in business and social settings has vanished or wiped out in the pandemic. However, with a mask, the handshake may soon return, but there is no clear signal.

Handshake history
The history of handshake says its existence dates back to thousands of years. A handshake is a simple gesture conveying peaceful intentions. It shows no ill will, and the handshake also reveals no daggers or knives are in the hands. It is a sign of good faith, and the clasping of hands is a sacred bond. It is an agreement that is not in the paper but the gesture of a handshake.

What are the new CDC rules?
The new CDC rules have not highlighted any etiquette manuals. Vaccinated people are assured of relaxed guidelines by the CDC. It says it is safer to gather in small groups privately for vaccinated people. There is no need to adhere to physical distancing or wearing masks. It says it is safe to travel for vaccinated people without quarantining. Nevertheless, the CDC advises vaccinated people to pursue social distancing and in public places to wear masks.

Evaluating Risk
There is no doubt that the vaccines of Covid 19 are effective in keeping the virus away. Yet, the researchers are working to evaluate the risk of the vaccine against the virus variants.

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Meeting someone in public or at work is best to practice social distancing. It means the six feet distance observance will not allow a handshake. It is applicable for the kisses and hugs also to people in public. It is better to be safe than becoming a patient or being at risk.

What if you do not take Covid -19 vaccine?
Covid 19 vaccine is effective is well-known. Yet, if you are not vaccinated, you should not take your hands out of your pockets or extend your hands for a handshake. It is because you are not safe in any way.

  • People, who did not take Covid 19 vaccination, are recommended by the CDC to wear a mask, covering the nose and mouth in public. They should maintain a social distance of six feet from everyone in public spaces.