Viral TikTok tend: Sticking Garlic Up Your Nose To Clear Sinuses

Social media health trends are taking rounds frequently, and recently the TikTok users try papaya seeds to eliminate parasites. However, know the latest craze, the viral TikTok tend about sticking Garlic up your nose to clear sinuses?

It is weird to know that raw garlic cloves are pushed into the nostrils, and it clears congestion instantly. The videos are compelling. As the flu and cold season is high, adding garlic as a home remedy is not new. But, now pushing garlic in each nostril and bringing out mucus outside seems pesky.

Putting garlic up your nose to clear sinus congestion, is that true?
Pushing garlic up your nose does not help relieve congestion. If it is already congested, pulling the cloves out of your nose will make your nose start running. It is not because of the inserted garlic. It is because there was the snot blocking and now it is escaping at a stretch.

You heard it correct, the mucus collection has zero benefits with garlic insertion inside the nose. The trend of TikTok claiming garlic is not dangerous is gaining popularity, but it is also not exactly safe. There is no claim of its safety, though it is not dangerous.

The odor of garlic may tingle with the nostrils lining. The worst part is when you leave the garlic for a longer time. It gets colonized with bacteria causing infection. Placing raw garlic in your nose is not acceptable as a treatment for flu or cold symptoms.

How to clear congestion?
Garlic is good for congestion, but there are safe solutions as well. Eat spicy foods and notice nose run. The safest solution to release clogged sinuses is nasal irrigation. The steroid nasal spray has Flonase, the active ingredient, and it includes fluticasone suitable for long-term congestion.

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Sprays featuring oxymetazoline give good relief but use only for a week. Some methods are effective and acceptable than using the raw garlic within your nose. Even if the results of other traditional homemade treatments are slow, it is much better to pushing garlic inside the nose.

Bottom line
TikTok is for entertainment and does not seek medical advice. The latest trend of garlic offers no evidence. Anyway, consult your doctor and get treatment for the problem before it becomes worse. Do not go overboard with viral content on TikTok, especially with medical-related content or advice.